Wednesday, June 9, 2010

stuck at prom

Prom is Friday. I literally have to devote all of it to getting ready.
Tomorrow is nails, waxing, tweezing, etc.
Friday kicks off with hair and make up appointment, followed by pre-pre-prom at Tucker's friend Rose's house, followed by the school pre-prom in the gym, followed by prom, followed by afterprom, followed by the after afterprom breakfast, followed by crashing at someone house, followed the after prom weekend trip to someone's beach or summer house.

In case you were wondering, the picture
is from Duck Brand duct tape's Stuck at Prom scholarship contest. The outfit has to be made entirely of duct tape and must be worn to prom. You win a boatload of cash for college scholarships. have to weather the indignity. And show the pictures to your children.


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